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Bradford Grammar CCF

What is the CCF?
What is the CCF?
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The Combined Cadet Force is a tri-service military cadet organisation based in schools and colleges throughout the UK. Although it is administered and funded by the Services, it is a part of the National Youth Movement.
There are some 240 CCF contingents with 40,000 cadets. The role of the CCF is to help boys and girls aged 13-18 years (thats from the 3rd year to the end of school) to get a taste of life in the services, as well as stretch themselves and find out how much they can achieve and have fun in the process too! Military training is designed to demonstrate why defence forces are needed, how they function, and to stimulate an interest in a career in the Services. Cadets also do non-military training which includes activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, orienteering etc.
Cadets work towards their APC syllabus which involves things such as:
Drill, Turnout & Military Knowledge
Shooting and Safety test
Skill at Arms Test
0.22 Classification on the school range
5.56 GP Rifle Classification
Use of Map and Compass Test
Fieldcraft Test
and Campcraft Test
Senior cadets may then undertake the Methods of Instruction Test so that they can train new cadets themselves.


Initial training will take place at your detachment (training is on Tuesday evenings after school until 5.45 at BGS). Cadets will then go on weekend camps where further training will take place in the field and cadets will have the opportunity to fire the GP Rifle on ranges once they hav passed their Weapon Handling Test. Cadets will then go on one annual camp each year in the summer holidays where they will do more training and have fun with detachments from all over the country.
There is no liability to join the Armed Forces, although the CCF was intended as a recruiting wing and 35% of commissioned officers in the Services were previously members of one of the many CCF contingents.
There is also the opportunity for promotion, and cadets showing skill, committment and enthusiasm can soon escalate through the ranks, which are:
Lance Bombardier
Staff Sergeant
Battery Sergeant Major