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Bradford Grammar CCF

First Aid Competition (14th May 2005)
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We arrived at Strensall to be greeted by a number of ACF teams and a sea cadet team, all competing with us in the competition. Firstly we had to register we were there, then had to wait around to be called up.

The first task we carried out was the individual written test, which was a 12 question multiple choice paper, with 3 answers to choose from for each question, and we all did brilliantly on it, with it being aimed at biology below GCSE level!! Then we got taken down to the team test area, where we were briefed on what to expect, then had to sort out the situation. We got an unconcious casualty with a hand wound, and a concious casualty with an open stomach wound and a broken ankle. We did fairly well considering we had not done anything much like this before, and we got told after where we could improve. We then had lunch and then was for the individual tests. We got given a casualty who had run into a tree and hurt his head. It turned out he had cerebral compression, although none of us diagnosed this.

Once all the tests were over all the teams relaxed togther and a game of football went on. We were then paraded togther and they announced the winners and handed out everyone's results. Needless to say we did not win, but we did not come last either, and the whole competition was a good learning experience. One thing we did do well on was the written test with us beating all the other teams by a huge 10 point lead!!