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Bradford Grammar CCF

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Well we arrived at the derelict farm on Friday night all looking forward to a good weekend. We set up tents, and a couple of cadets insisted on bashas (more the fool them) and then we cooked our ration packs which we were issued. Then after we sorted everything out we went to bed to try get some rest for the busy weekend ahead.

It was an early rise on Saturday morning although this did not bother many of us at all seen as through the night we had got so freezingly cold we were glad to be up! We cooked our ration packs breakfast and had a hot drink to try get us warmer and then sorted out our admin for the day. It was sunny although their was a piercing wind which made us very cold. The older cadets went off to the ranges in the morning where we fired the target rifles for the first time and zeroed them to the team members, and then very unexpectedly Mjr Evans produced a Remington 700 sniper rifle with a silencer for us to fire! A mad rush followed as we tried to get our hands on it to fire our few rounds. While we were doing this the younger cadets were partaking in ther Map and Compass test for their APC syllabus. Then at lunchtime we swapped over and the younger cadets fired the cadet GP rifle on the ranges to try and get a classification and the older cadets brushed up on ther map and compass skills, trekking over fields following bearings. Then was for the exercise, where we had 3 enemy positions and 2 recruit sections who were attacking each in turn, and "killing" the enemy. Lots of pyrotechnics were used although their wasn't much to see becausew it was still fairly light. It was then back to camp where we had a well deserved BBQ which a few of the senior cadets cooked, and then to keep warm we did a number of command tasks in the pitch black which was interesting to say the least! Then, trying to get out of the cold wind a number of cadets went to sleep in the barn which was still freezing but warmer than the tents - the recruits slept in bashas for the most part and stayed warm although noone is sure how.

In the morning eveyrone woke up, packed their stuff, and had some breakfast, again to warm themselves up, although the wind had dropped. We then waited for the coach to come, and with it being an hour late most of us got sunburnt faces which was a bit strange seen as we had been freezing for most of the weekend. When the coach finally arrived, we all loaded our kit on, and were off and most people fell asleep, not getting much sleep from the previous cold night.