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Bradford Grammar CCF

Quiz - Level 03
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LEVEL 03 - Complete the Lyrics

LEVEL 03 - Complete the Lyrics

Answer the questions correctly to gain points to enter the next level. Each correct answer is worth 1 point and the number you have to answer, increases with the level. The highest amount of points that can be scored per level is 10. Good luck and no cheating!

21. Three German officers crossed the Rhine... a big green boat f**k the women and drink the wine invade France their panzer tanks
22. Walking down Canal Street, knocking on every door...
...god damn son of a b*tch, i couldn't find a w*o*e
...trying to get a girl
...oh dear buggery hell i couldn't find a woman of ill repute
...that led me down to hell
23. His name was nobby alll, nobby all, his name was nobby all, nobby all, his name was nobby all and he only had one...
...stall acid.
24. I know a girl called Sally Brown...
...who walked around with a real frown
...who felt a rumbling deep deep down
...whos Saturday job was being a clown
...they said no man could lay her down
25. Yogi's kn*b is long and green, he's a...
...stupid bear
...poorly bear
...big gay bear
26. They came across in Panzer tanks...
...and when on sand they all sank
...which did of corse raise their ranks to drive, and two to w**k
...and made the girl to walk the plank
27. The moral of the story is...
...don't run around with guns never f**k a w*o*e
...don't take drugs never knock on doors
28. He went to rob a bank, rob a bank, he went to rob a bank, rob a bank, he went to rob a bank, but he stopped off for a...
...tea break
29. Over the hill came Pistol Pete...
...19 pounds of solid meat grab a girl for him to eat
...with the biggest feet you'll ever see perform the noble feat
30. Mama, just killed a man, put a gun against his head...
...pulled the trigger, now hes dead
...and took it away again
...and blew his brains out
...and ate his brains

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