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Bradford Grammar CCF

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Moulin Rouge - 01

LEVEL 01 - General

Answer the questions correctly to gain points to enter the next level. Each correct answer is worth 1 point and the number you have to answer, increases with the level. The highest amount of points that can be scored per level is 10. Good luck and no cheating! Please remeber your scores to submit if you get to the end.

1. What does CCF stand for?
Christian Childrens' Foundation
Combined Cadet Force
Cool Clean Fun
None of the above
2. Which of the following comes after Sergeant in the cadet ranks?
Lance Bombardier
Staff Sergeant
3. What does NSPs stand for?
Normal Seating Position
Negative Standing Procedure
Normal Safety Precautions
Natural Sight Position
4. What does 'H' in the phonetic alphabet stand for?
5. Which of the following is true?
A weapon should always be handled so that it points in a safe direction
The safety catch should be applied at all times
A cadet should never dismantle a weapon
The weapon should never be fired
6. What is a map?
A drawing of what you see
A bird's eye view of the ground drawn to scale and put onto paper
An aerial photograph of the ground
A piece of paper
7. What does DPM stand for?
Dumb Pink Men
Disruptive Pattern Material
Direction Pointing Map
Defensive Pattern Material
8. Which of the following are true?
If you join CCF you have to join the Army afterwards
Only boys join CCF
You have to be really clever to ever get promoted
None of the above
9. Which of the following should a cadet do as they walk past a superior offcier?
Salute them
Compliment them
Ignore them
Swear at them
10. Which of the following activities can you take part in, in the CCF?
All of the following
Rock climbing
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