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After a long coach journey we arrived at Warcop with the snow starting to come down and lots of it already on the hills. We put our stuff in our billets, then went for tea where we got briefed about the weekend ahead of us. After tea, we sorted out our kit for the following day, making sure we had everything we would need for the long cold day ahead. We were then free to do what we wanted - some people went to the NAAFI and played pool and poker with minstrel sweets as chips (until they all got eaten).

The next morning it was an early rise and big breakfast for everyone to keep us going, then we all went our separate ways. The recruits went off to the 30m range where they fired the cadet gp rifle live for the first time, an experience they won't forget. The older cadets and seniors were taken to Field House which was going to be our base for the rest of the day. First Mjr Evans talked over how you would defend such a building, using sentries and a QRF (Quick Reaction Force). The enemies for the day then did dummy attacks on the building so that the cadets could practice the new techniques they had learnt, and it was fairly obvious they were new to it, with the enemy gaining entrance to the building on a couple of occasions. We were then taken out onto the training area where we talked through that afternoon's events and where we would all be positioned etc. The section leaders and their 2ICs were then sent off to get to know the area better, and then it was back for lunch.

The enemy were put away in a separate room so that the two groups did not talk to each other about what they were going to do. The enemy for the section attacks were then sent out to set up their base and get in position. Each of the 3 sections then did a section attack on the enemy. for the first 2, they were beaten back, but for the 3rd, 2 of the enemy got away. A platoon attack was then carried out, using all 3 sections, supposedly "killing off" the enemy left. At this point everyone was very cold - the hail and snow was aided by horizontal wind making it difficult conditions to work in. We all then went back for tea and had about an hours rest and then it was back out to the field for the main night exercise.

Enemy were shipped out first and sent off into the darkness to await the sections to do their thing. The theory was the 2 enemy parties would both attack field house, and try to get in, and hopefully would be stopped by the defending sections, who were also to carry out recce patrols of the area. It all went well with many attacks going ahead, and the defending commander sending up many flares, much to the annoyance of the enemy as these made it hard to get close without being seen, but was a good decision on his part. Ex over, everyone went back to the camp and got cleaned up (some of us enemy had been crawling down streams lol), and then relaxed for the rest of the evening, sorting out our stuff to go home.

Sunday came all too soon. Everything was packed up ready to go and loaded on coach, and then we were off home, another camp over.