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After school on Friday we set off for Deverill Barracks in Ripon. The coach got stuck in some traffic but the journey wasn't too bad. On arrival we went straight to have our tea, and then while some cadets took the weapons to the armoury, the senior cadets went off to find where we were staying, then took all the cadets and their kit. We got settled in, and sorted out our kit for the next day, then it was an early night to get some rest.
We got up at 6.30 and had breakfast, then we collected the rifles form the armoury. We were then split into two groups for the day - the senior cadets and the recruits and thn there was a group of the other cadets. The recruits were to go into the field all morning where they were to learn about field tactics, section movements, and patrolling etc. The other cadets (renamed the 'elite section' for the day) went off to do some shooting on a 25m range. When we got there we zeroed the rifles to us, then we did a pratcie shoot, and then held a competiton between us - consisting of a scoring and a grouping part. Will Atkinson won this, beating Emily Field by 1 point only!! We had lunch then it was off to meet the recruits on the training area to take part in the afternoon's exercise.
We were kept separate, not allowed to communicate with the recruits, then they patrolled off to their harbour area, while we waited and got ready. Then we moved out to our harbour area with Major Evans. We set it up, posting sentries, and then held a briefing on the situation. We then sent out a recce patrol to see if we could find any evidence of our enemy, the recruits platoon. We spotted some movement, but after checking this out by waiting for a while, and not getting fired upon, we concluded that it must just be an outpost so we went back to the harbour. Another patrol was then sent out to see if they could make contact with them. This time they did, but stumbled upon the whole platoon, who annihilated our patrol. We lost, but kept determined that we would get our own back that evening. We all went back to the minibus area, waited for the minibuses to take us back, and sang some songs in the process. Then it was tea, and straight out again.
Again the recruits and elite section were separated, whiel we sorted out oursleves for that evening. This time we would be attacking them. They were all shipped off in minibuses to the area, but we waited - we were to walk there. This had 2 distinct advantages for us - we would retain good night-vision (no lights from minibuses) and the recruits would not be able to hear us coming (minibus engiens would give us away). So we patrolled down to the area, the plan was to attack them quickly, keeping the element of surprise. Once we got to the area we would attack from, we crawled into position, then opened fire on them. They responded back, but by this time we had got plenty of fire down on them. Satisifed with a good attack, we patrolled bak up to the barracks, and got about the job of cleaning the rifles (blank rounds make them filthy). With this done, we went back to our rooms, and cleaned ourselves up, then started packing our kit and cleaning our billets for departure the next day.
A fairly early rise again, then having had breakfast we had an inspection from Major Evans, and it being Remembrance Sunday, we held a minutes silence. Then he coached arrived, and so all kit was loaded, then we departed, everyone looking more tired than they had when we arrived.