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Having been at Strensall Camp for the weekend, we had a not too early start and made our way over to the ranges where the competition was to take place. We registered and our team captain attended a briefing on the day and purchased our rounds.


Then it was straight to range C where we would be taking part in the Pool Bull competition (this was also used as an opportunity to check where our rifles were firing and to adjust our point of aim as it was a fairly windy day).


Then we had a break and then marched down to the Section Match where we had 5 firers who had 60 seconds to run from 300m to 200m and fire 10 rounds at the target. After what felt like a good shoot, we marched away to comments of “there goes the Royal Artillery – proud people”.  Then we went back to range A where we were meant to take part in shoot which involved the whole team (6 firers) but this was running late so we went back and took part in the two-man shoot where our two girls in the team shot at 200m and then at 300m. Then back to the six-man shoot where we had 3 different shoots in all. We had lunch, and rested before what we considered to be the main competition of the day.


The falling plate was a knock out tournament where two teams of 4 competed against each other, running from 300m to 200 m. Each team then had 8 plates which they had to get down before the other did. The first team to get theirs down wins that match and goes through to the next round. In the draw we were against Leeds Grammar and we were in the left-hand lane (lucky for us – we’ve always won in it) and so we felt fairly confident sending our team into it. No Ampleforth at the competition made us feel a lot better too. Our guys looked great stood on the starting line, ready to go, ready to win. They raced down the range and started shooting. The plates started falling and before we knew it, all of ours were down before Leeds had got down 2, and we’d had one firer with a stoppage who had fired one round only! Even though luck had been on our side, for the next round it wasn’t so. We were in the right-hand lane against Yarm B (who went on to win) and didn’t even manage to get half of our plates down. Unhappy with that result we took our kit back to the minibus and looked at the results board for the rest of the matches.


Emma B had won the Pool Bull along with a couple of others from other schools, and we had won the Section Match. Also our two cadets in the butt party (operating the targets) had come 1st (Will Atkinson) and 3rd (Oli Butterworth), meaning overall we came a respectable 3rd out of 12. Pleased, we collected our trophy and medals at the presentation then made our way home on the minibus, back to school.